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Puttin' words in my mouths.
by niallmccann

When I started this I was worried that I wouldn't be able to produce the drawings... I'm not a very good artist, don't really know what I'm doing with the tools of that trade, but I'm drawing the things and for better or worse they're getting done.

One thing I was wasn't worried about was the actual writing, I thought I could do that, but the dialogue is coming out really stilted and forced for me at the moment. I started this thing thinking, whatever about the art, even if it just ends up being stick figures, I know I can write, but I'm reconsidering at the moment.

I think I'm too used to writing prose, and though it seems the same, dialogue in a prose story and dialogue in a comic don't work the same way. In a comic, I'm discovering, there's less to convey with the dialogue than in prose. It's not so much about character, or at least it has less responsibility for it, just like it does for tone and mood. I have to let the pictures carry a little bit more of the weight.

I thought I was okay with letting the pictures tell the story, but there's more to it than just leaving out dialogue balloons. They have to be able to convey tone and character too, which means... no more stuttering from the characters. Clear, concise sentences only, thank you very much.

And I have to get Bunny himself right. I haven't yet. He's supposed to be Humphrey Bogart with big ears, he just sounds like a Warren Ellis lead at the mo. Anyway, all food for thought!I'm learning, at least!

Third page!
by niallmccann

The plot thickens!

After spinning my wheels for a week, we're finally getting into the story proper. It's the fox's tale, it's started, and I'm getting my ducks in a row, setting up the plot proper. These are the events that are gonna send Bunny out into the world.

I'm keeping myself two months ahead on a weekly schedule- I'm eight pages ahead, basically. I'm almost finished page 11, if I get it done before next week, I'll stick page 4 up here. I just want to get the story moving a little bit. Without a gag-a-day it can be tough enough to get into stuff like this.

So anyway, if  I get it done, it'll be up here before next monday.

Second week, second page!
by niallmccann

Second page! The most boring page in the entire comic!

It's exposition... I kind of want to just put up the third page now and all, just so the story gets moving.

I may be back with the third page before next Monday, just to keep up the pace. Don't judge it on this page!

By the way, you can contact me on, if you have any comments or queries.

Thanks for coming to the site!

- Niall

Welcome to Bunny Malone!
by niallmccann

Hey Folks!

I've just posted the first page of the Bunny Malone Saga (that's right- it's a saga!), a hard boiled/noir detective story following Bunny himself through the shadowy twilight world of the twisted human (or bunny) spirit!

It'll be updated every monday evening, so keep an eye out, and come back any time!


Hope to see you again!